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Posted on July 16 2012


Related article: Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 11:23:17 -0700From: Wolf pomo Subject: Drama Club (gay / adult youth, m/M...)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicitsexual acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphicscenes of sex between an underage boy and adult males... If thistype of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do notread it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded forpersonal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish tore-post them at your own site, please contact the author forpermission.If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find thetopic deceitful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if itevokes memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy towrite stories from outlines.Copyright 2005 Wolf, All Rights Reserved.You may contact me at if you like. Allflames will be ignored.Drama ClubByWolf Leslie found that joining a drama club introduced him to across section of humanity he would have never met if it were not fortheir common interest in theater arts. He came from a white middle class suburban community.There were very few minorities in his school. In fact had he hadbeen born in the late twenties in Germany he could have been aposter boy for Hermann Goering's Arian Race. He was tall athleticlooking with wavy blond hair and blue eyes. The square jaw gavehim a look of ferocity this at belied his jovial good nature. The girls at his school were crazy over him. They called himat home to ask him for help with homework in hopes that he wouldask them for a date. He found them foolish. He was just afreshman in high school and senior girls were flirting with him. Hewas no virgin. A friend of his mother had been attracted to him andhad seduced him while he was visiting her. She had guided himthrough the sexual act. It was exciting but it did not seem thatimportant. The Physical Education Coaches wanted him to play football,basketball, track wrestling, baseball because it came easily to him.He didn't like football because it was too easy to get hurt. He waswilling to run the 220 and 440. He even ran the 4X4 relay. Preteen Nudes Thatwas the extent of his desire to participate in sports. Then he read a flyer about a community playhouse thatpromised to have a great teacher. He boarded the bus to travel theforty miles to get to the theater. He was intimidated by the group ofpeople he met there at the tryouts. There was an enclitic group of young men and women. Someof them had colorful hair and body pricings. Another group lookedlike the living cast of West Side Story. They were dressed in leatherjackets, jeans that looked like they had never been washed. Theyhad long hair and cigarettes hanging from their surly mouths. Thenthere were black guys and gals that looked like they belonged to thegangs called the Bloods or Crypts. The Mexicans were tattooed withgang Preteen Nudes markings. He felt intimidated by all of the gang types in linefor the casting call. The presence of people that looked like a gaypride parade didn't reassure him either. When they were interviewed by the casting director and hisstaff Leslie did read well and projected a strong baritone voice. Thestaff was envisioning him as the lead in all of the classics; West SideStory, Von Trapp in Sound of Music, South Pacific, On the waterFront and The Rain Maher. If he could sing they were in. He sang afew notes and they could tell he had a good voice but untrained. They called him aside and put him under tutelage of the voicecoach. He spent all of his free time learning to sing and stagepresence. He learned to trust Mr. Goughler. The man insisted onbeing called Chuck. He learned fast. As they practiced Chuck wouldpress on his diaphragm to encourage him to use all of his lungpower and Preteen Nudes save his throat. When Leslie became accustom to thefamiliarity of the man's touch the hands became even more-touchy.He would stand next to Leslie with his hand on the youngster's ass. Leslie was attracted to the man because he was like agrandfather image. He must have been in his fifties. He was verywell educated. No mater what subject was under discussion Chuckcould expound on it. He was equally as comfortable talking history,politics, trivia questions and the subplots of plays or books. Lesliefelt privileged to be in Chuck's company and be counted among hisfriend. The theater company didn't know just how young their leadwas. Chuck found out but kept the information to himself. Leslie did find another friend in the company. He was ayoung handsome black guy. His name was Gilbert. He seamed to fitin as comfortably among the gang members and the gay crowd.When Leslie was not working with chuck he was seeking out Gilbertto read lines with. After the first dress rehearsal of West Side story there was alittle party. Leslie got a little drunk. Chuck took him home and puthim to bed. Leslie didn't know the older man was gay. He didn'tresist when the man stripped him down to his underpants beforeputting him to bed. Chuck retreated to the bathroom and got ready for bedhimself. As Preteen Nudes he came out and turned out the lights Leslie saw thatthe slender man was naked. His body had a dusting of graying bodyhair. Leslie watched him pull back the covers and sit down and turnout the bedside light as he covered up. Leslie could feel the warmthof the man's body. Preteen Nudes He could not say why his heart was racing.Chucks body was resting against his body. Leslie's cock sprang ahard-on as it slipped out of the fly of his boxer shorts. Chuck rolled over to face him and he placed his hand on theboy's shoulder and as he wished him good night he kissed him onthe mouth. That was the first time a man had ever kissed him likethat. If Chuck had any doubt about his ability to stimulate the youthit was removed when he felt Leslie's boner poking against his thigh.He moaned as he reached for the boy's magnificent uncircumcisedcock. He felt the loose skin slide back as he exposed the head. Leslie had no idea what to do. He lay there debating if heshould stop the man. He didn't resist as the old man rolled him ontohis back and got under the covers. Leslie felt the man's breath onhis skin as the old man opened his mouth and swallowed his cock.The most he could do is moan as the man sucked his cock. Therewas no stopping the action by that time. Leslie was enjoying it tomuch. The old man sucked his cock with such skill that drunk or nothe filled the old man's mouth with cum. When the old man crawled out from under the covers andcuddled up against his body Leslie could not believe how much itthrilled him to feel the man's scruffy beard on his cheek as Chucksought out his mouth to kiss him. He wondered if he would taste hisown cum in the man's mouth. He thought he might get sick if hedid. On the contrary when Chuck placed his mouth over Leslie'she opened his mouth and Chuck used his tongue to push some cuminto the boy's mouth. Leslie could hardly taste the slimy substanceas he swallowed it. Chuck was feeling his hard chest and body. He wanted tokiss him for a long time while he felt up the boy's body. It didn'ttake long before Leslie had another hard-on. Chuck pulled the boyon top of his body and then he pulled his legs up showing the boythat he was offering his asshole for the boy to fuck him. Leslie sat up on his knees and guided his cock into the brownhairy hole. He had never felt any cunt as tight as this old man's ass.He watched as Chuck jacked himself off while he was being fucked.When Chuck squirted cum all over his own belly Leslie wiped someup with his fingers and tasted the old man's cum. That was enoughfor Leslie to shoot a gob of cum up the old man's ass. Leslie hatedto pull his cock out of the man's ass. He was fully awake by now. He wandered if he should feelguilty about his first homosexual encounter. He just could not bringhimself to condemn himself for enjoying anything that felt so good. After that night it was hard to practice because every sessionquickly turned into sexual encounter. Leslie had to try sucking cock.Chuck had a decent sized cock but even aroused it was limber. Thefirst time Leslie sucked his cock in daylight he saw just how yellowthe old man's cum was. His knew that his own cum varied fromcreamy white to as clear as water. The lack of Chuck's ability to geta real hard-on prevented him from finding out what anal sex felt like.Not that he minded the old man acting as bitch for him. The close relationship with Gilbert developed to the point thatLeslie wondered what it would be like to have sex with a black guy.He just didn't know how to bring up the subject. One evening aftereveryone had left the theater they were sitting on the edge of thestage. He turned to Gilbert and asked, "Would it bother you to knowthat I am fucking Chuck?" Gilbert laughed, "Honey child everyone in the company knowschuck is an old queen. We have known from the first dressrehearsal that you were getting a little brown eye from the oldqueen." The news shocked Leslie that everyone knew what was goingon between him and Chuck. Even the females in the company weredisappointed to realize that the best looking guy in the company wasturning gay. It was no wonder some were throwing themselves athim all the more. Preteen Nudes They were trying to prove that they could eventurn a gay boy straight. Gilbert added, "I have been switch hitting for some timemyself." Leslie looked into his green eyes for a hint that he was pullinghis leg. Gilbert dropped into the orchestra and turned to face Leslieas he pull him into the pit by the hips. They were right there in the musty old theater on theconcrete floor. Gilbert placed his thick lips on Leslie's mouth andkissed him as he gripped the cheeks of his ass. They were frantic asthey undressed each other. When they both had their pants aroundtheir ankles Leslie knelt in front of Preteen Nudes the older black guy's cock. He Preteen Nudes had heard that black men had bigger cocks than whites.Gilbert's was a handsome cock but no bigger than his own. His wascircumcised and the knob was large. The scar that circled his cockwas pinker than the brown meat. The scrotum was loose and swungbetween his legs. The pubic hair was tight little coils of Preteen Nudes black hairthat was much tighter then nappy hair on his head. Leslie openedhis mouth and gave him the best blow-job he knew how. Gilbert didn't want to cum in Leslie's mouth. When he wasfully erect he pulled his cock out of Leslie's mouth. Leslie didn'twant to stop sucking until he tasted his black friend's cum. Gilbert turned Leslie around and pressed him against the wallof the pit and guided his cock into Leslie's asshole after pulling hispants down on back. Leslie could not believe it actually entered hisbutt. It hurt but he bit his lower lip and accepted it. Gilbert reachedaround and started jacking him off while he fucked his ass. Lesliewas soon squirting cum on the wall. Preteen Nudes Gilbert was also pumping cuminto his asshole too. Preteen Nudes When Gilbert pulled his cock out of Leslie's asscum dribbled out and got all over the back of his pants and the floor. Gilbert pulled up his pants and stuffed his meat into his pantsas he gave Leslie's smooth ass a feel. Leslie pulled up his pants andzipped them up. He felt the wet cum in his pants as more leakedout. Gilbert invited Leslie to come to a party with Preteen Nudes him. Leslie wasthrilled to be invited to a party but he brought Preteen Nudes up the fact that hedidn't have a way to get there. Gilbert had thought he was old enough to drive. He askedhim why he didn't have a driver's license. Leslie simply said I'm notold enough. Gilbert did a classic double take. "How old are you?" Leslie sheepishly said, "I'm only fourteen years old." Gilbert could not believe such a tall good looking guy could bethat young. He also felt a little guilty about fucking jailbait. But thatwas short lived. He said I will pick you up. The night of the party came and Gilbert drove to Leslie'shouse and assured his parents that he would look after him. Whenthey arrived at the party in the black neighborhood there were wasplenty of booze and some drugs. Leslie avoided the drugs but diddrink some vodka. He did drink a little too much. He was the onlywhite boy at the party. As the party progressed the black men weredancing with each other. There was one very attractive blackwoman there. She looked out of place at a stage party. Gilbertintroduced Leslie to her as Denise. Leslie could not believe that it was not a woman when shewas exposed as a transsexual. She admitted she had been born aman and had been taking hormones and had breast implants.Everything told Leslie that she was a woman. It was her natural hairthat had been straightened. She took hold of Leslie's wrist andpulled up her dress and stuffed his hand inside her panties. Lesliedid feel any pubic hair and as he reached lower he felt a wedgeshaped little uncircumcised cock and a tight little scrotum sack. Thehe-she kissed him on the mouth with her thick red lips. Everyonegot a laugh out of seeing the young white boy kissing and feeling upthe professional he-she porn queen. When Leslie looked around the room, men were groupingeach other's crotches. Some were kneeling in front of other menand were sucking cocks. When Gilbert and Denise startedundressing Leslie a number of the men stopped to watch the youngwhite boy being undressed. Denise was the first to kneel to suck thewhite cock. There was a lot of lipstick left on the base of the cockalong with the sweet smell of her perfume. Gilbert laid Leslie over the arm of an over-stuffed chair andguided his cock into Leslie's asshole. An older black man with ascruffy beard draped Denise over the other arm of the chair andstuffed his cock into her ass. Here Leslie was face to face with a he-she that had a better looking face than most real women. He couldnot resist kissing her. They were making out like teenagers as theywere being fucked. When Gilbert finished he pulled out and Leslie'sasshole was gapping open and cum was leaking out. Leslie was still kissing the transsexual as another man hedidn't even see stepped up and guided his cock into the slipperyhole. He saw the old man finish fucking Denise and another manstepped up to replace him. Leslie lost count of the number of menthat fucked his ass. He was sure some that had fucked Denise hadfucked him too. In reality every man there had fucked him. When they were Preteen Nudes finished they stuffed Denise's panties intohis asshole to keep him from leaking cum all over the place. Themen had taken pictures of him being fucked. His back had beensplattered with cum that was captured on the digital cameras. ThenGilbert sat in the chair and placed Leslie between his bronze legsand had the white boy suck his cock. Again pictures were taken.One by one each man took turns using the white boy's mouth. EvenDenise got into the act and got a blow-job from him. Leslie found it very erotic to date a black transvestite thatlived as a woman. Even his parents had no ideas that his blackgirlfriend was really a man. They may have not liked their boy datinga black woman but they didn't voice any objections. They had noidea that Denise made her money making porn videos. All theyknew was that she dressed well and drove a silver BMW roadsterwith tan leather interior. They thought it was unwise that a boy soyoung should be dating such a worldly woman. At the same time hisfather was proud that his son was so attractive that he was fightinggood looking women off. He was living two lives a high school freshman and an actorthat was enjoying the gay life. It did cause a lot of talk at school when Denise would drophim off at school and pick him up. It was shocking enough that awoman was kissing him in public but that fact that she was a dropdead gorgeous Preteen Nudes black woman pissed off the red necks. At night he was being picked up and taken to parties wheremen were fucking him and he was sucking cock. One night afterrehearsals Denise was busy making a video and could not take himhome. As he was walking to the bus stop one of the guys with bodypiercings pulled up along side of him and asked if he needed a ride.Leslie got into the old car. The guy asked him if he had ever been fucked with a JacobsLadder. Leslie had no idea what he was talking about. He pulledover to the curb on a business street what was closed up. He slid hisseat back and pulled his zipper down. And pulled out a nice cockbut on the underside was a row of stainless steel bolts stuck throughit at even distance. Leslie found that fascinating. He gave the guy ablow-jog and swallowed his cum. He didn't like the smell ofcigarette smoke but the cock was fascinating. The guy didn't evenput his cock back into his pants as he moved the seat back up andstarted up the car. He took Leslie to his home. It was an oldrundown place that needed painting over the top of a porn shop. He undressed Leslie and himself. Then he placed Leslie facedown on his knees and guided his cock into the boy's asshole.Having two inch bolts forced into his ass sideways was quit a turnon. That was sure a new way to be fucked. Not that he wanted todo that again. He avoided that guy after that. He thought that couldget too freaky. At school he pretty much avoided relationships with hisclassmates. Then when it came time to have PE at the pool he metthe schools best swimmer. He was a tall guy that had to be at leastsix-foot six. He was a long lean guy with Preteen Nudes long muscles. When Lesliesaw him in his Speedo swimsuit he was hypnotized by the bulge. Hehad a cock that laid in the crease of his leg because if he pulled itstraight Preteen Nudes up the damned thing would be sticking out of the trunks, The guy was a senior and was being recruited by everycollege in the nation. He held every State record for all of theIndividual Medley (IM's). He could pick any event he wanted toswim. Leslie sought him out the guy. But he was not impressedwith an admiring freshman. But he did agree to take him homeafter school one day. When Leslie started talking about the size ofhis cock Mark proudly admitted that it was more that a foot long.Leslie told him he didn't believe it. Mark simply unzipped his pantsand pulled it out as he drove down the street. He was not shy aboutletting the guy play with it. Leslie pulled a ruler out of his school pack and placed itagainst the pubic hair and held the cock up against the ruler. Sureenough it was longer that the plastic ruler. When he put the ruleraway he didn't let go of the cock. There was nothing for Mark to do but find a place to park. Hedrove to his home and pulled into the garage. He used Preteen Nudes the remoteto close the door. Leslie was sucking him off before the door wascompletely closed. After he swallowed the guys cum Mark suckedLeslie's cock. When Mark was ready again Leslie got out of the carand prostrated himself over the work bench. He was not sure hecould take such a monster up his ass but he was sure going to try. Preteen Nudes Mark came prepared because he had a tube of KY in his car.He greased up and guided it into Leslie's ass. Leslie could notbelieve it when he felt Marks body pressed tightly against his butt.That told him the entire cock was in. Mark fucked him hard andfast. It was also good the Mark carried a gym towel in the car.Leslie had to wipe up the mess afterwards. Mark let him dress andtook him home. He assured him that he would fuck him any timeher likes. Leslie did get rave reviews and learned to be good actor. Hewas enjoying his freshman year of high school so much he wonderedwhat his sophomore year would hold for him. The name sophomoremeans wise fool. Would his duel life come crashing down aroundhis ears. On one hand he didn't really care if the provincial boobsfound out about life style. Many of the guys he knew were closetqueens but could not admit it. He had fantasies of someday takingDenise to the junior senior prom and sucking her black cock right onthe dace floor. On the other hand having a dark secret was a turnon. He flirted with the girls at school. If he was seen in the companyof the same girl three times there were rumors that he was fuckingher.If you enjoyed the story and have a story you want me to write aboutyour introduction to the world of male sexuality, please send youroutline to
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